Posted June 14th, 2009 and filed in Life

Every brave step I take causes irreversible expansion and growth. Anyone who has never done that will not know the joy. When we only try to keep what we have, our possessions shrink instead. Risks must be taken. Also, the long hard lonesome work of preparation must be done. There is no such thing as a lucky moment. What determines that strike of luck is many hours of work, done well and sufficiently. What seems like a spontaneous reaction that is so right in both content and performance and not repeatable, is actually brought about subconsciously by years of learning, thinking, and practice. It is always only the tip of the iceberg shown to spectators, who therefore misunderstand the essentials. There is no shortcut. The longest way is the shortest way. Shrewdness leads to deviation. Corner-cutting leads to defect in the final quality. An average intelligence can achieve great things, if only the integrity and determination are there.

When you speak, it is not the person speaking in that moment. It is the work you have done speaking. How well you speak, and how much others will listen, is decided by how seriously and thoroughly you have done your thinking on that subject. Luck plays no role. Your physical and mental state may not be perfect for the moment, but 90% of the victory is won before the battle. How you deliver matters little. You have had time to prepare. Therefore come prepared, though you will always wish you had prepared more.

The only critical success factor for a life project is the time and energy put into it. In the end, you will inevitably find yourself running out of time, and wish you had allocated your time and energy wisely, ignored those distractions. I have had this regret before each exam, but afterwards always forgotten this lesson. An exam devised by an education system is easy; the project you want to personally accomplish demands 100% effort.

This is what I mean by “standing in the future to look at the present.” This perspective shall straighten our priorities. All the losses and sorrows beyond our control shall not distract us too much from our task. There is work to do. We shall carry on. Life is too short. We must learn to say no to many things, despite popular opinions and sentiments.

Much time and energy has to be wasted before a person finds what he or she wants to do, and before the structure of the work that needs to be done slowly emerges from thin air. Implementation is easier than soul searching and declaration of war against the establishment. Any creation takes courage and persistence.

Affection and approval from other people are only small rewards and recognition for our work. Like misunderstandings and hostilities, love and respect shall not deter us either. There are new lands to be discovered, new souls to be hunted. There are massive problems to be solved.

The difference between fighters and losers

Posted June 5th, 2009 and filed in Life

There is very little room in one’s life to struggle for a better, more enriching life. Just look at the average, overwhelmed adult life. However, whether to use this tiny space of time, energy and solitude, or fidget it away, marks the difference between fighters and losers. You may not win, but you can always fight. That lifts you up to the fighters’ rank, no longer among the losers.