To live and speak honestly

Posted May 30th, 2009 and filed in Human Condition, Life

There is vast difference between what people think you should do and what you should do. More often than not, we take in the external standards, and develop wills we think are our own. For example, men should be rich and successful, women should be thin and beautiful. We constantly live for others, are constantly concerned about other people’s opinions. We forever seek approval and praise. A contemptuous look or gesture may destroy our self-esteem, especially in our young and tender years, and especially for those whose internal being never developed. At the same time, we use the same method unconsciously to destroy others.

All this is alright to do for a community to function (and honestly there is no escape from it), but only after we have figured out the two preliminary and primary questions: What do I think? What do I want? The ultimate task is to live and speak honestly. It takes courage and creativity. It takes a lot of work to undo the harm, to chase out the external impositions, to establish one’s own being through self-knowledge, knowledge of the world, and creative work.


Posted May 17th, 2009 and filed in Life

We were born to be loners. And alone we must face life. Without this solitude, this standing erect among a sea of neglect and hostility, we cannot become a whole person. This is our trial. This is our training. This is the fire through which we are made into useful vessels.

Life is not complicated

Posted May 16th, 2009 and filed in Life

Life is really not that complicated, as normal people think. It is but a few thousand days in which you choose how to live.

Grow and work

Posted May 2nd, 2009 and filed in Employment, Life

Life is about growing, about abandoning the old self, about finding new things, about reaching new heights. This is an exciting world after all. Any disillusionment is still due to ignorance. A determined thinker and doer can accomplish things unprecedented for centuries, for millennia.

Let those who have lost kindness and never developed empathy be left in their mental cages. I have no envy of them, no matter how well they fit in and play the power game. I’ll seek human solutions. I’ll work for real things, not what the boss thinks of me. My work will outlive their ashes.