Inner space

Posted November 1st, 2008 and filed in Life

There always seems so much to do. Life is not a clean playground or a big empty room for you to do what you want most, but a place cramped with urgent demands and necessities, leaving very little room for you to do what you want. And without conscious struggle and trade-off, even that little will become none at all.

We drift on the surface of everyday life, with all the vague apprehensions and dissatisfactions underneath. From sunrise to sunset, a day is over in no time. So is a week, a month, a season, a year, a decade, a life. As we grow older, the passing of time seems to accelerate. The goddess of Time has taken wings. If we don’t choose to face the apprehensions and dissatisfactions, they will accompany us in the same vague form till our last breath. At that time, they turn into abandonment and despair.

One must create an inner space for himself, where his whole being can spread. His belittled spirit, his cramped mind, his insulted dignity, can now stretch to the full length, no matter how the external world evaluates him. His intrinsic value proclaims his self-worth with no doubt. It is at times like this that life is worth living.