Hunting for knowledge

Posted June 10th, 2007 and filed in Education, Life

The human mind must have a sense of purpose. This purpose had better be self-chosen, freely and with impartial information. Education, in its fullest sense, should facilitate this search for purpose for each individual. This is the mission. Humans do not need to be educated. They need help and guidance to educate themselves. There must be two conditions before education can happen: the individual’s will to learn, and the direction to the best resources made known to this individual. Then the teacher’s job is done. He can sit back and enjoy his pupil’s learning, because the only real learning is self-teaching. The hunting for knowledge is no different from beasts hunting for food.

Every great person who ever lived on this planet has followed a self-imposed self-development plan, has refused to let formal education lead them to mediocrity, has consciously and continuously self studied. Benjamin Franklin did this. Jack London did this. These people rely on great books and real life, not teachers. Great minds are rare at any given time. Therefore they must be preserved in books. Great living teachers are not blessed to everyone, not even in the most renowned schools.