Long view and optimism

Posted July 10th, 2006 and filed in Human Condition, Life

How is one’s past connected to his present and future? How does he redeem the fate he was born into? How does he rebel against the role he was assigned? It is not determined all by his efforts, neither all by luck. It’s both. Without the open-door policy of China since 1978 I would never be where I am. I would never have been exposed to those great thoughts, the job experience with a world-class multinational firm, the technology and management skills. I would never have been able to learn another language, and choose another country to live in. One statesman’s idea can have such an impact on so many lives, and a future beyond his vision will be born.

Therefore, take a long view, heart, take a long enough view so you can be optimistic again, and see that irreversible trend toward humanity and freedom and improvement of life. Even if you are in much misery and loneliness, without wealth or power, be optimistic, for this is the whole point of life, of living: to live as if everything is possible, to fight as if there is still hope. And trust the unknown, unpredictable ally from the universe.