The surface layer

Posted April 10th, 2006 and filed in Human Condition, Life

People live in the surface layer of life. They leave no time for themselves so they do not have to go deep. Chores can easily fill a life. If you do not know what to do to achieve what you really want, it is difficult to say no to these less important demands.

Most driven people are driven by fears. They fill their lives with work and study in order to achieve something recognized by society as good for their own future. Thus they never need to ask the scary questions: What do I really want? What is the worthwhile goal for this whole life? Oh, too deep, too metaphysical; let’s talk about anything but the meaning of life. Yes, a person can put it off, until the last day of life.

And that is how most lives end: without real satisfaction, without exercising the freedom of choice, without being a fully conscious human. This is an animal’s life: eat, sleep, play, mate, reproduce, die. Most people are content this way.