Posted September 26th, 2009 and filed in Human Mind

If we want nothing but truth, we shall have no fear or concern, for all paths lead to truth, should we just try less hard to self-deceive. Things are what they are, as stars shine no matter if you look at them or not. We may see partial truth, but more truth will be revealed to us in due time, provided we do not resist.

If what we want is gain or benefit, whatever it may be, then we have a reason to fear, a motive to deceive our originally truthful mental eye. It is from here a thousand complexes spring, a thousand knots multiply, a thousand conflicts emerge, and we are forever at war with ourselves, subject to all kinds of mental disorders.

As a living being we have needs and wants. Therefore the reason to be afraid and the motive to deceive our own mind are always there. For example, in order to survive in a society and civilization, you have to adapt to the dominant orthodox beliefs of your society, also to the many little norms of your civilization. Society and civilization, as systems developed for collective survival and goal-achieving, have an intrinsic tendency to manipulate individuals. Therefore their doctrines and values are often not genuine. This is only a small example. The human mind has many reasons to temporarily or permanently deceive itself to be able to survive, collectively or individually.

All monks try, all philosophers try, all scientists try, to overcome this natural tendency of self-deception, to eliminate this ever-persistent end-gaining mindset, to come to truth, complete truth. To be able to do so is to get beyond the limitation of one single living organism, to have a share of eternity and the infinite universe.

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