Posted March 16th, 2009 and filed in Human Condition, Life

To be able to relax takes not outer security, but courage. Nothing outside us can be secured, not love, not good fortune, not family, not job. To be able to truly live, one must be fearless for no reason; must live in danger, not in protection; must cast aside life and death. We must be liberated from all concerns of a normal life, of our long-term welfare. Tomorrow may be the end of the world. If we truly live, we might be able to build a heaven out of this planet, and save it from its doom. We are this planet’s doom. We are its pest, its skin disease, the slaughterer of all its other inhabitants. We consume all we can, and destroy what we cannot. Either we improve or we will be eliminated.

Live as if you are what God intended you to be: a daring, playful, upright intelligent being, nothing else. You are not just here to breed, to earn a living, to carry a mortgage. You must realize that you actually live in danger, because the future is unpredictable. Any perception of safety is but an illusion. Have the courage to discard that illusion. Live as if there is no tomorrow. Say things nobody else says. Do things nobody else would do. Be creative. We’ve dwelt in routines for too long. The fun of learning about and going through the conventional motions is over. We now need truth and new inventions. A new generation must occupy this earth, a far better one.

What would you do if you had no fear?

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