Fight the default setting

Posted December 10th, 2007 and filed in Education, Human Condition, Life

Those who never get to know the pleasure of intellectual growth are pitiful. Unfortunately, they are the majority. Most people live a stupefied, stagnant life. Their growth stops at an early age. The rest of their life is left to life’s abuse and authority’s manipulation.

Most people are not blessed with good experience and good company. Who knows what you will be born into? If you are born into a ghetto, then without any conscious self-directed effort by yourself, you will become part of the ghetto. If life treats you harshly and meanly, you will likely be harsh and mean to other people, not only because you are conditioned by hatred, but also because this is the only way you know. The best blessings of life, I think, are positive experiences and good people. Fair competition, recognition of merit and of good work, dedication and enthusiasm, care, vision, nobility, stamina, courage, sacrifice, gratitude, integrity, forgiveness, kindness, gentleness, generosity, honesty, friendship based on mutual admiration for each other’s character … these are the best things you can witness and experience in this life. These are the fertile soil for the blossoming of your soul. There are heaven and hell on this earth. You know which one you are in. Heaven or hell, it is the people around you. So too are you other people’s fateful environment. When you are aware of this fact, I urge you: make a conscious effort, and make a paradise of where you are. Show some devotion, bring out the good in you despite sarcasm, dare to be different, think of yourself as the rock others depend on, lead and serve, care, appreciate, encourage, act, make a difference. The rewards are endless. There is no greater joy than bringing hope and inspiration to the darkness in which you and others are imprisoned.

No matter how bad your environment is, you can rise above it. Heroes are born in all kinds of places. They are made heroes by their own conscious effort. There is no natural hero-making environment on this planet. Society is designed to produce mediocrity, if not failure.

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