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Available Courses

  • A self-study program. This is the biggest course in the curriculum, a comprehensive framework that will leave you no blind spot in any important area of human pursuit. Essential readings have been selected for each area. As in all our self-study courses, links are provided to high quality video talks and credible online resources. Your input to the databases is welcome.

    The aim of this course is to produce broadminded, knowledgeable thinkers.

    For syllabus, see The Education Manifesto: The Curriculum.

  • A self-study program. This is a much shorter course, but as important as CHK101. This is a basic intellectual self-defence program that will help you see through popular falsehood, triviality, and short-sightedness. Three solid and successful experiments for fundamental changes in education, the workplace, and the economy are presented.

    The aim of this course is to produce action-oriented, deep thinkers.

    For syllabus, see Sample Syllabus: IT101.

    These two core courses, CHK101 and IT101, aim to make well-rounded human beings. 

  • A self-study program. Communication level 1 — foundation: how to talk, influence, advertise, negotiate, inform, understand, and organize.

    Although designed for native speakers, ESL learners may find this course particularly useful in improving their communication in English.

  • A self-study program. Ethics level 1 — fundamentals that are most practical, most relevant to personal and business success.

    From Aristotle to Warren Buffett, from man’s search for meaning to man’s search for self, this course takes a deeper, broader, more personal and more practical approach to ethics, than many other courses on the same subject.

  • A self-study program. Leadership level 1 — best practices and common pitfalls: how to lead a team, influence people, meet 21st century challenges, and be effective.

    This course aims to turn managers into leaders, and transform leaders from good to great.

    "Most of what we call management consists of making it difficult for people to get their work done." — Peter Drucker

    "Rank does not confer privilege or give power. It imposes responsibility." — Peter Drucker

  • This is your annual enrolment gateway to all self-study (*01) programs.

    How it works:

    • Open access: Once registered here, you can freely explore all self-study programs
    • Live curriculum: Nothing is set in stone; you participate in the development of the curriculum
    • Students as teachers: Everyone learns and helps others learn

    Annual registration fee:

    200 Canadian dollars (or the equivalent in your local currency), non-refundable. Before you make the commitment, we suggest you at least

    1. Read The Education Manifesto

    2. Learn about the Great Books approach. Our readings are more balanced than the white-male-dominated Great Books List. However, the selection criteria are similar.

    Questions? Please write to register at freewilluniversity dot net

    Note: We also offer intensive workshops and seminars, online or offline. To stay informed, you can join the mailing list.

Students are responsible for acquiring required reading materials, which are usually available in bookstores and much cheaper than textbooks. In many cases you can get them free from the Internet or your library. Whenever possible, we have provided links to free online texts and even audio of our required or recommended readings.

All materials are carefully selected to develop intellectual discrimination. However, you are expected to evaluate them rather than accept the content without inquiry.

Enlighten, enrich, empower, as education should.